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    NTA in a Cisco environment - configuration questions


      Our WAN is made up primarily of 2911 and 2901 routers. We have some 2800s that are being replaced. On the whole we have MPLS circuits at 1.5 or bonded in a Multilink to 3.0. We do have some larger circuits.


      We have a very simple NTA configuration on the routers.


      On the serial interface we have this:


      ip flow ingress

      ip flow egress


      We export to Orion this way:


      ip flow-export source Loopback0

      ip flow-export version 5

      ip flow-export destination x.x.x.x 2055


      We have had issues with NTA locking up. There are times when the conversation data in NTA doesn't seem to match what is on the circuit based on other tools which rely on packet information.


      Is there more we should be including in the netflow configuration? Are there other commands we should use or include? Right now we don't have a very high confidence in the netflow information.