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    Reports - data from specific hours each day?




      I am wondering if it's possible to create a report that graphs the interface/device data from specific time window, every day? And put that all into one report?


      For example we'd like to see a report for the past week, of how busy the network interface was during certain hours of the morning. Is this possible with ONE report, that has data for the whole past week?




      (Hopefully this is the right forum area)

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          This should do it. Once configured add the report to the report scheduler and have the report emailed to you at your requested intervals. The only thing you will have to change is the filter with the device you would like to monitor, if you have more than one device use other conditions to include the devices desired. Hope this helps.

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              thank you for the answer! that does indeed pull the data that I am seeking


              Is there any way to make this into a graph? Or is the table format all I can pull?

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                  Using the report writer tool on the server you can only produce tables, but if you recreate this as a web report using sql it can be made into a chart.  I might have a web based version of this kind of report in my files more or less ready to go so I'll update this post in a few hours after I get a chance to look for it.


                  -Marc Netterfield

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                    I'm curious to learn Marc's approach.


                    Bluedott33, try this.


                    • Change the Select Field on the Report Writer to Date and update your filters to reflect the hours you seek.
                    • Navigate to the page you would like your graph located in and "Customize Page" > Add "Custom Chart"
                    • On Report Writer, open your saved report. Select "Report" and "Show SQL"
                    • This should give you a SQL Menu on the report, highlight the query and copy the data
                    • On your newly added "Custom Chart" select "Configure this resource"
                    • Click on "Select Datasource" and select "Advanced DataBase Query" and select "SQL"
                    • Enter the copied query into this window and "Preview Results" to confirm that the query copied over successfully then select "Update Data Source"
                    • Set your Time Period to the dates you would like to see on the graph
                    • (Select "Add Data Series" and select the information you're looking to have on the graph)
                    • From here you can select your units displayed, the type of chart, add trend lines.
                    • Once you have specified the units you wish to have directly to the right of "Data Series" expand the +
                    • Select "Browse" on "Time Column" and Select "DateTime"


                    If you're looking to add more data on the graph, like received, transfer, average information repeat the steps starting at the line with parentheses. After this is done set your time period, preview resource and look at the graph. This should do what you're looking for.