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    Can you use WHD as a backup tape checkout system?


      We are currently using an asset checkout system for our backup tapes.  We have several locations that backup tapes are stored, and we need to be able to monitor the movement of tapes (ie:  checked out in one location, and then checked in at a secondary backup site).


      We rotate our tapes and each backup type has a different checkout time-frame (from 1 week, to 1 month, to 7 years).


      Just wondering if the reservations will do this for us.  I poked around there a lot today and don't really see a good way to do this.  Does anyone have any suggestions?



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          Assets can be assigned to a Location.   Changes to that will be tracked in the Asset History, so you could review that information at any time.



          You might be able to leverage one of the fields like Warranty Expiration or   the Service Contract/Contract Expiration fields to specify a date in there.   For those, there is a universal WHD setting that can email-notify you when those dates are coming up (e.g. 10 days before or 3 weeks before or whatever you'd like).


          That wouldn't require using the "reservation" functions at all.    


          You could also define an Asset Custom Field and specify that as a Date field..  that could track the 'expiration/move' date with a more descriptive name...but you wouldn't be auto-notified when that date was coming up.   (the notification only works for a few pre-defined fields)

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            Did you ever have any luck with this? If not this, something else?

            I'm interested in tracking tapes outside of the storage vendor as well!