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    [snmp: trap] has new information  alerts in IPmonitor


      We have 4 MDS 9148 Fabric switches that send these out when ever a server is rebooted.  They all say the same thing,


      Found: 1 of 1


      What we don't know is why and for what reason.  These also just started happening recently.

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          Please try the following:


          1. Click the configuration tab, and the alert list

          2. At the top click "Content Generators"

          3. Click Add Generator

          4. You can give it a name of your SNMP Trap

          5. For the value use "%capture[bindings-raw]%"

          6. Hit Apply and then OK



          At this point, go back to the trap monitor that you created.  Under the Notification Control section, you should see content generator that you created under the Content Generator drop down menu.  Select this and hit Apply and the OK.  Now when you receive an alert E-mail it should include your information for the tokens you selected.


          For more tokens, see this link:  ipMonitor :: Content Generator

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