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    Response time for node 'switchname' has exceeded 5000


      I am constantly receiving alerts that "Response time for node switchname has exceeded 5000." Having trouble pinpointing the culprit. Any suggestions?

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          Unless you have a switch that is configured with a hostname of "switchname" then it is likely that whoever set up your email alerts and tried to call a variable but did it wrong and ended up hard coding in those values, probably as a placeholder until they figured out how to do it correctly.


          First step, check your active alerts and see if any of the listed alerts match that message to confirm that there isn't a switch with that name, if none of them do then you will want to go into the manage alerts section and look through the enabled alerts for a high response time alert and double check what it has under the trigger actions for the send an email section.  I expect you'll find the culprit there.  That subject line should read something like "Response time for node ${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption} has exceeded ${N=SwisEntity;M=Responsetime}" if I am remembering the syntax correctly.


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