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    Auto Dependency Question




      I am new to the Solarwinds NPM that my employer just got, which I am setting up. I am trying to find where to configure/setup the auto dependency. I am hoping to use this to use the main switch at each building as a parent and it just find the switches attached. Help!

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          The easiest way to accomplish this would be to create groups.  Put your switches that sit behind your parent switch in a group, then create a new dependency using the main switch as a parent and the group as its dependent.


          1) Settings

          2) Manage Dependencies

          3) Create Dependency

          4) Choose Main switch as the "Parent"

          5) Select Dependent Group

          6) Profit


          The question posed is a bit confusing though.  A Parent Switch isn't going to "Find" other switches that sit behind it.  That's what the "Network Discovery" does.  The dependency option just suppresses "Node Down" alerts when a parent switch goes down because it's implied that if the parent drops off, the dependents will too.  You'll still need to run a Network Discovery scan, but when the dependent switches are found, you can add them into your "Dependent Group" for ease in management.


          Let me know if you need any clarification - or if I'm completely wrong and just haven't seen/used that feature.



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              John Handberg

              The one problem I may have with this is I have many remote sites connecting back via layer 3 routing protocols, not physical links, usually through ISP connections.  I am not sure how to do set this up in this case.  We use a lot of Cisco EIGRP and BGP in our LAN and WAN network respectively.  I do need to figure something out as we are getting far too many alerts say when a remote site has a power outage.  Then we get the node down alert and alerts for all the layer 3 links that are down.

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                The doc at referenced link says "This PDF is no longer being maintained."