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    Virtual Manager e-mail alerts


      Sorry if this is re-post, but is there a way limit the e-mail alerts to a single e-mail, as opposed to continuous e-mail alerts?  I'd like to direct the e-mail alerts to our service desk, but don't want to do if a ton of alerts will be e-mailed out.

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          in VMAN you can define when the emails are sent to one or more recipients (consecutive events, only when raised):

          See Alert Notification for further details.


          In Setup - System Properties menu there's an "alert.rollup" property (by default = true). If it's set to true, all VMs (Hosts, Datastores, ..) are sent in one email:


          Otherwise you'll get separate emails for each VM:


          If you are talking about possibility to merge rsults from different alerts into one email then answer is no, it's not possible.

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