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    Customizations lost suddenly


      I logged into DPA with the same login I always use, and although the names of the SQL statements were still there, it prompted me to watch the videos again and all the custom chart displays I had were gone...in fact, just a few OS and VM charts are there, no SQL charts.

      Any reason this would happen?

      Has this randomly happened to anyone else?


      I *did* get a new system, Windows 10, but that's happened a few times and doesn't seem to be relevant...I'm still using teh same account to log into ignite...


      Update:  Today the entire app seems to have stopped working.  Unfortunate since we just went live with a new client.  Log is full of


      WARN   (2016-01-18 09:36:40,395.CST) [timerFactory] RepositoryManager - Error refreshing Repository

      java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space


      Will start a new thread.

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          Did you recently upgrade DPA ? I had seen the video prompt come back after upgrade. On the custom chart displays this could also be from the upgrade. I think you mean you had custom metrics that are not displaying for you in DPA now. Some of the things needed for Custom metrics would be in the DPA repository database and some is stored in XML files.So if you did an upgrade and didn't get the XML moved to the new folder path that might explain why they are not there. The folder path should be similar to "SolarWinds\DPA\iwc\tomcat\ignite_config\idc\metrics\userdefined"


          The XML in this section will have names like userdefined-metrics-queries.XML and userdefined-metrics-properties_SQLServer.XML. The metrics in the metrics-properties_{database type}.XML files will have names like CustomMetric-1.

          In the Repo you can view if they are there by running something like this SQL statement. Note that you will need to change table names per monitored server.


          --first run this

          Select id, name from COND;


          ---replace xx with ID of instance you had a



          from CON_METRICS_xx m

          inner join CON_METRICS_NAMES_xx n

          on m.METRIC_NAME_ID = n.ID

          left join CON_METRICS_DISABLED md

          on n.NAME = md.METRIC_NAME

          where n.NAME like 'Custom%'


          This can be some involved also so if need please just open a support case and we can follow up there and post back the solution.