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    Some product improvement thoughts


      I've been using PM for about a year, and I'm just really getting my hands around it. 


      There are a few things I'd like to see as product enhancements:

      • The ability to create a tag or comment on Computers - I have things in various groups, but I would love to have some metadata at hand when I'm looking at my list.  "Who is computer # 7516?  Oh, that's Joe..."
      • A way of creating a view layout that can show you patches that are approved ONLY for a specific group.  (I apply patches to a test group, and it'd be nice to be able to click and see which patches are in test mode only.)

      If these capabilities already exist, I'll chalk it up to my lack of experience.  I'm sure like my brain, I'm only using 10% of the software's capabilities.