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    Dell Serial Numbers to Service Tags FINALLY


      Ever frustrated by the fact that the Dell SAN's in SRM only return the chassis serial number instead of the proper service tag? Look no further!


      Solarwinds was close they are using OID which is .6 off of the dell service tag! Yes that's right the proper OID for the service tag is


      Great right! Well now what do you do with this information you don't want to put another node in your NPM and assign a custom poller that's just not proper.. However there is a way still yet indead.


      1. There is a file called Dell Equallogic PS Series-Dell.template in the c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SRM\Templates\ directory. This file is the master file for the Dell template (you may want to update the other files that are Dell's as well i'll just show you this one as its the most common). Open that file in notepad and then do a CTRL+F to begin the hunt!
      2. Now your going to search for "SerialNumber" all one word and on this file it should be your 3rd result you will know because it has the OID next to it.
      3. Replace that value with the new OID for the service tag so your line should look like this. <OID name="SerialNumber" value="" />. Now save that file back to its spot.
      4. Now that is done we have to update the current instance with the new template... Now i know what you're thinking... OH GOD NOT CONFIG WIZ! I agree so we are NOT going to run config wiz! Aren't you happy!
      5. Well now we have to shutdown all the Orion Services first so Run Start Menu > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Orion Service Manager and click Shutdown Everything.
      6. Next run CMD as Administrator and cd to the C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SRM\ folder.
      7. From there run SolarWinds.SRM.TemplateUpdater.exe, this will update all the existing templates with your new edited changes.
      8. Once complete you will see that they have all updated go ahead and hit Start Everything on the Orion Service Manager.


      And that's IT! You're done and now have proper Service Tags for easier management! Now I will tell you any updates or hotfixes you run you will have to reapply these steps however I am assured by Solarwinds this will be fixed in future releases.


      NOTE: If you don't see the change right away run a rediscover and repoll , hold F5 for 3 seconds and you should be good to go!



      Hope this helps!