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    Help! - IPAM Scanning


      Hello All,


      I have recently added all of my companies 1,200 subnets into IPAM. I did this in 5 batches.

      After the first 3  batches, all subnets and IP addresses appeared fine (with thanks to the IPAM IP Importer Tool) and the scan jobs ran successfully.

      However, after the finals 2 imports I noticed that the scan jobs have not been running.


      I have checked the queue and they are all just stuck in the queue with Status - Next Scan: ASAP

      I have tried changing the scan interval timer to higher amounts (from default 4 hours up to as high as once per 10 hours) and also increased/decreased the maximum number of simultaneous scans... but had no luck after changing any of these values.


      Does anyone know what may be causing this?


      Any support you can offer is greatly appreciated!