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    FTP Voyager failed after one-hour download


      I have a scheduled task to download a txt from SFTP site with FTP Voyager.


      However, the task met with error message ' The server has unexpectedly closed the connection.' when the download comes to one hour.




      Tried the download with other tool like FileZilla. It's all OK.


      Our FTP Voyager version is


      Does anyone have idea on such case?

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          Anyone could answer this? Is this the limitation of the tool?

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            No idea if this applies to you, but I think I've found the source of my problem.  Due to a technical glitch, one of the folders that I was trying to sync has a lot more files than normal in it, around 74,000 to be exact.  When I just log in with FTP Voyager the good ol' fashioned way and browse the folders where the sync process was hung (which I found from looking at the log), it took nearly 9 minutes for it to display the folder contents.  Other FTP software that I've used would even list the contents, they timed out and disconnected, much like the Scheduler does.  The solution for me is to fix the glitch that put so many files into that folder so hopefully there are no more timeouts, but if it were necessary the timeouts settings for Scheduler can be adjusted.  Not sure if this may be the same problem you're having, but thought I'd share just in case.