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    Reports > Average Open Time


      Trying to figure out how this works.


      Using a Sample Report "Average Open Time this Month". The Chart Metric radio selection is "Avg. Open Time".


      Not sure what this means. The resulting report give a bar chart with a legend that has all "Status" categories, and shows Hrs:Mins for each Status Category for each Technician.


      My question is, where does this "Time" come from? In my Setup > Tickets > Status Types, there is a column for "Count Time". I only have YES for "Open", "Assigned", "Pending Approval", "Approved", and "Denied".


      Yet, in the report, it is reporting times for "Resolved" (meaning what???), and "Closed" (again, meaning what???). I even have "Canceled" showing a Average Open Time.


      Not even sure what an Average Open Time means for Statuses such as Canceled, Resolved, Closed. But I am thinking the Statuses, where I have NO for Count Time should NOT even be listed in the legend.


      I am only interested in how long a Ticket has the status of OPEN. How long a Ticket has a status of Assigned, and debating whether I even need to track how long a Status of Scheduled.


      So I am wondering how accurate these numbers really are…

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          My best guess here would be:    The report is showing you all the available status types because even if a ticket is currently Closed, it did spend some time in an Open status.  


          I don't believe that it can tell you how long a ticket was in a given status...just how long (total) it was set to any status that was set to Count Time.

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              I guess I am lost on this report (as to the value or how to interpret the information).


              The bar chart shows the Average Open Time this month for each "Technician".

              "Assigned" average between 1 hour and 35 hours. Does that mean the Tickets were in the state of "Assigned" for that length of time?

              Canceled times range from 10 to 32 hours (which doesn't make sense at all). What does that even mean. The Ticket would be "Canceled" forever, so the Average time should be infinity (since the Tickets would never change from Canceled).

              Resolved range from 7 hours to 57 hours. I can understand this (sort of), since the Tickets change from Resolved to Closed after 48 hours. But I would think that every tech should then have a 48 hour Average Open Time of Resolved Tickets…

              Closed Tickets range from 1 hour to 20 hours. Again, I don't know how to interpret this, since Closed Tickets are that way forever. How can a Ticket be closed for only 1 hour???


              I would like a Report that shows how long (on average) each tech has a Ticket in Assigned status, before the Ticket is Resolved. And how long a Tech has a Ticket in Assigned status before it is Scheduled (and then Resolved).


              Maybe if I could just understand what the data I am looking at means, it would be more helpful and useful.


              For example mine

              Assigned for 18:40, Resolved for 1:52, Closed for 3:13, and Total of 4:15

              The Total of what??? None of those columns total 4:15.


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                  OK, so if you run that report and see the result in the Assigned column of 18:40, if you click that "18:40" it will pull open the tickets in question.  You will see that they are all CURRENTLY in the Assigned status.      Similarly if you click the "1:52", you will see that the tickets listed there are all CURRENTLY in the Resolved status.


                  That report will not show you how much time a ticket spent in that particular status - it will just show you an average of the total open time for all tickets currently holding each status.

                  Unfortunately, i do not believe that WHD is capable of showing you want you want to see (average time spent in each specific status).

                  The 4:15 is an average of ALL tickets for ALL open time regardless of current status.   This includes tickets that have an open time of 0:00, so that might seem to skew the numbers down.    I bet from looking at your numbers that you currently have more tickets in the Resolved and/or Closed status than you do in Assigned, so although 18:40 looks like a big number it could represent just one or two tickets...   when you average out the open time against all tickets it is only 4 minutes 15 seconds.

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                      I think I finally have it figured out. Thank you for getting me to the correct point.


                      It appears the numbers in each column is the Average amount of time the Ticket in that status has been in that status based on Updated Date - Date Created.


                      So the number in column Assigned (17:51 for me right now) means all the Tickets currently in status Assigned have been that way for an average of 17 hours. So the Ticket could be opened at 7:00am. Assigned to me at 8:00am. I could then send an email to the person asking for information. Tomorrow that person could finally respond, but since the Ticket is Assigned to me, that one ticket would make my Average time go beyond 8 hours since it was that way all day waiting for a response.


                      So there is no way with this system to find out how quickly our Techs are responding to Tickets (bummer). I was hoping to get statistics on how quickly our techs are responding to tickets (first response time). Doesn't appear there is any way of doing that.


                      Thank you Kellytice for getting me to that point where I at least understand what WHD is giving me, even though the data WHD gives isn't all that useful for me.

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                          There is a separate metric for First Response time


                          In this example below I created a new Ticket Report, and set the following:

                          Chart Type:   Table only

                          Row Category:    Assigned Tech

                          Column Category:    Priority

                          Repetition Category:        <left this blank>
                          Table Data:      checked both "Avg. 1st Response Time" and "Tickets"

                          Show filters:      checked

                          Time Range:    Whatever time range you'd like

                          Date Attribute for Time Range:   Date Opened


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                              I saw that after I posted my message. But unfortunately, 1st Response time doesn't help us. I assign all Tickets, so the 1st Response Time posted will always be fast, since I assign them as they come in.


                              Was hoping more for a 1st Response Time being the time it takes to create the First Tech Note. It appears WHD keeps track of 4 dates.

                              Creation of Ticket

                              1st Response

                              Last Updated



                              Since Last Updated is a date that will change with the ticket, there isn't a way of tracking when the 1st Note was created. Or the 1st Response after a Tech is Assigned to a Ticket. Or even when the Tech that was assigned to a ticket first "read" or "opened" the Ticket.


                              I was just curious how it all worked anyway, and you helped a great deal in making it more clear to me. Thank you