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    File not found when downloading


      I'm having a strange problem I am hoping to find some help on. When I connect to a remote site, I am able to see the files in the list. The files are preceded by a / such as /Test.txt. When I try to download the files, I am receiving the error SSH_FXP_STATUS: status: SSH_FX_NO_SUCH_FILE; description: File not found. From what I can tell, if I upload a file and it does not have the preceding /, I can manipulate the file as needed. i.e. Rename, Download, Delete. Once I put the preceding / in the filename, I can do nothing with it.

      Also, I can use WinSCP or FileZilla and the preceding / does not show up and I can do whatever I need with the files. This is the only site that I am having this problem with.

      Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.