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    Problem with a Cat Tools 3.10 (Enterprise) activity - Cisco SF300 switch




      We use CatTools 3.10 (Enterprise) to modify the configuration or send commands remotely to our switches.

      Everything works fine with our Cisco 2950, 2960, 3560, 3750...


      But the issue we are currently facing is all about another kind of Cisco switch, the Cisco SmallBusiness SF300.


      Since the 3.10 version supports Small Business switches, we can define it in the "Device Type" field of a Deivce, along with the "Model" (which is 300).

      The rest of the configuration of the new device is the same as we used for the other Cisco switches (Method : SSH Port : 22, Connect via  : Direct Connect, etc...)


      The activity is define as "Device.CLI.Modify.Config" and aim to change (S)NTP settings.


      The connection to the SF300 switch is OK but then there is a problem when entering the "configure terminal" command (output info logs attached) :

      "Waiting for an echo of conf t command

      Waiting for a response to : conf t

      Did not receive expected response to command : conf t

      Commands resultts : 0 of 9, 1

      Aborting command entry due to command error

      Waiting for an echo of <Ctrl-Z> command

      Exiting config mode

      Did not receive echo of <Ctrl-Z> command"


      I've already tried to define the activty as "Device.CLI.Send.commands" and to send a "conf t" as first command but the same problem happens.