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    Solarwinds Orion Module Engine won't start on additional poller after FoE install


      We have a core server and 8 additional polling engines. The core server was cloned using vCenter and then FoE was installed following the WAN/DR method.

      After the install the core server seems to be running fine. FoE manager shows all green and the website works fine.


      One of my co-workers mentioned that they were having trouble adding a new node to one of the additional pollers. When I logged in I found the "Solarwinds Orion Module Engine" service was not running on that polling engine. I started it and it seemed ok but two minutes later the service was stopped again. I also noticed that the "Syslog" and "Trap" services keep stopping and starting. I have opened a ticket but thought I'd see if anyone had any suggestions.


      Any suggestions greatly appreciated