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    Configuring Cisco ASA Syslog to LEM


      Hello all. 


      New Net Admin here looking to get syslog events logging in LEM.  So far, I have followed the configuration knowledge base: "Integrating Cisco PIX and Cisco ASA Firewalls with SolarWinds LEM"  and believe that it is configured correctly.  The real-time monitor is logging correctly inside the ASA, however these events are not being sent to LEM.  Additionally, when adding this Cisco ASA firewall as a node, it is not found.  ACLs appear to be correctly configured to allow this traffic from the LEM server.  The point that needs the most clarity is the Logging Facility and the log file location portions of the instruction, which I have configured to logging facility 18 and set the log file to log18.  Any additional tips/tricks to get this all up and running is also greatly appreciated!