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    Exporting reports to excel using Schedule Manager


      Hi, I've been trying to export a report that was created using the custom table feature in Report Manager. When the report is scheduled to export to excel, and then email it, I get unable to retrieve URL using excel type, however, when I select PDF as the export method, it works. It also works if I manually export it to excel. But that defeats the purpose on automating it. Has anyone come across this? (NPM version 11.5.2)

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          try to include csv file ini the email attachment,

          i have same problem when sending report in excel moreover if the data is  0ver 65K row.

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            Actually yes!  I'm dealing with this issue now.  I'm having the exact symptoms you are.


            I even double-checked the Websites table and ReportJobs table to make sure the WebsiteID matched.  These are the areas that usually messed up. 

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              Getting the exact same issue here. I selected three export options: Excel, CSV and PDF. Only the PDF arrives, I get an error for both CSV and Excel options. I also get the same results when choosing CSV and Excel individually.


              The user I'm running the report as doesn't have admin rights, and has a limitation linked to a custom property. I've tried running the schedule again, after adding in 'report management' rights, but to no avail. I'm going to try again after making the user a full admin, see if that makes any difference.


              UPDATE: Nope, adding admin rights didn't help


              For completeness, I'm running a slightly modified version of the 'Node Capacity Forecast' report.


              UPDATE#2: The scheduler is still broken, but I've found something odd about the 'Top Capacity Problems' resource: It does not respect account limitations! Logged in as the user mentioned above, and ran the report. With the restrictions on the account, it should have only shown me devices which matched the custom property, but it doesn't. I can see all nodes, even ones which should be filtered out by the custom property. I proved this by right-clicking on the link to one of the nodes I shouldn't see, and opening it in a new tab, and got the 'you do not have permission to view this node' response.


              Clearly there's something wonky going on with both the scheduler and the report!


              UPDATE#2: It appears that I have got to the crux of my problem. It appears that some resources are simply not compatible with the export to CSV or Excel options. Have a look at your report outside the scheduler. Do you have the option above the report (to the top right) to export to Excel? If not, then I expect you're using a resource that contains data that cannot be presented in anything other than static means, which explains why PDF exports work fine


              I've logged a call with support to get the official word, but I expect I'm on the money here, unfortunately.

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                I am having the same issue.  I can not generate a report via email in the Excel format.  I do see in my website table that the only entry is the servername and not the URL name.  I dont think that is the issue, after reading some of your other comments.  I have opened a ticket with support, but no help yet.