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    New addition of IPAM module within existing Orion does not show configured credentials within IPAM settings


      I've poked around and haven't found anything specific to this.  I've recently installed IPAM within an existing installation of Orion.  Went smoothly for all intents and purposes.


      I'm adding DHCP servers and existing credentials that have already been created do not show up within IPAM settings->credentials for scope scans.


      If I create the cred in question, which is the same as what already exists within the main tool, I receive an error that the credential name already exists.


      That being the case, if it sees that it already exists, should I not have those credentials available to use?  I would assume and hope there's a way to populate that within the IPAM settings?  Needless to say, it's easy enough to create a different name for the credentials, but in the interest of consistency...


      For the record, adding a DNS server gives the option to inherit credentials from the existing node, which is the behavior I'm looking for. 


      Thanks in advance!