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    Can one change the "User Details" credentials after the install?


      I'm at this part of the FoE install on my primary poller but haven't been assigned the required credentials yet. Do I have to put the correct credentials in here now or can this be changed after the install is complete?

      If it can be changed later I could keep moving forward and wouldn't have to wait for our AD team to get the account set up.


        • Re: Can one change the "User Details" credentials after the install?

          These credentials can be provided later by following the steps outlined below.



          1. Launch the SolarWinds Orion Failover Manager.
          2. Select the Applications: Tasks tab.
          3. Click on the User Accounts button.
          4. Click the Add button.
          5. Enter the credentials for an account with rights to update the DNS (a member of the Administrators or Server Operators group on the target server).
          6. Click OK, and then Close.
          7. Click the Add button to add a new task.
          8. Provide a descriptive name for the 'Task' (i.e. DNSUpdate).
          9. Select Network Configuration for Task type.
          10. Select either primary or secondary for the server the task should run on as appropriate.
          11. In the Command field, enter the "DNSUpdate" with appropriate flags as shown below in the example.
          12. In the 'Run As' field select the user appropriate user account from the drop down and then click OK.

          Example: Dnsupdate -p -s -ns


          Note: This will update the DNS at address .

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