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    Help with Powershell Script to Bulk Change Polling Method from SNMP/ICMP to WMI


      Yes, I know I can bulk edit Node properties in the Mange Nodes section, but since it tests the credentials in the background when you hit submit, I often get website timeouts when trying to do more than 50 nodes at a time.  Its really slow going when you have hundreds of Windows nodes to do, plus you still have to run a discovery afterwards to add in the new polling packages.  I really just wish you could turn off the background test of the credential.  I'd rather just change them all to the new credential and evaluate later which ones don't work with that credential and fix them as needed.  Or, even better, it'd be cool if in the Network Discovery you could choose an option to change polling methods if a node is already in the database but has a different polling method than what you prefer.  Maybe that'd be a good feature request, but I digress.

      Looking at the sample code for adding a WMI node here: https://github.com/solarwinds/OrionSDK/blob/master/Samples/PowerShell/CRUD.AddWMINode.ps1 I see all the things I would need to set, and I know I can just use the Set-SwisObject commandlet to modify the ObjectSubType to WMI, but I'm not sure if updating the ObjectSubType field will kick off some of the automated things that happen when you do it in the GUI, like automatically deleting the SNMP volumes (I know the SNMP interfaces don't automatically delete, but I found another script snippet by LadaVarga here that shows me how to do that).  I also don't know if changing it via the SDK will have it automatically delete the historical CPU/Memory data as well as remove the SNMP pollers.

      Does anyone know whether its possible to just change the ObjectSubType, delete the SNMP interfaces, and add in the new WMI pollers, or is there something more to this that I'm not seeing or maybe even a better way to do it that I'm overlooking?  I couldn't find any similar posts on Thwack regarding changing nodes through the SDK (there are TONS of posts regarding adding nodes through the SDK though...).