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    Question about Imported CSV headers


      I am evaluating IPAM at the moment. I have been importing all my IP's through the use of the CSV Import template.


      Would someone please explain what these columns are. I have an idea, but would like to make sure I understand them as clearly as possible.


      1: Node Expunge Interval

      2: Retain User Data

      3: Scan Interval

      4: Neighbor Scan Interval



      I am not certain about #1 or #2.


      I assume #3 is how often IPAM does an ICMP/SNMP sweep of the subnet, and #4 is how often IPAM checks the ARP tables of the router specified for that subnet.


      What settings do most people use for subnets that dont change very often (server subnets) and subnets which might have a lot of change in them (wireless guest subnets).



      Thank you,