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    Questions about FAQ section


      The user guide is not very helpful for the FAQ section, we've found.  Is there instructions on how exactly to search?  We've been able to find FAQs only when searching for a single word.  If we add a phrase or more than 1 word, it won't find them.  We've tried every kind of variation we can think of, adding a + between words, adding quotes around the phrase, using commas and semi colons between the words.  I find it hard to believe search would be limited to a single word, but I can't figure out how it works.


      Also, does anyone know of a way to default Approved to Yes?  All our techs are set to admins so they all have the capability of approving.  Since the search feature defaults to only approved items, it would be great if this would default so we don't have to remember to check that box.

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          The FAQ search box has an And/ Or modifier which looks like AND is already selected but in practise I find you have to click on one of them to change the search from just searching for just a keyword. I don't know if this behaves differently in different browsers?


          As far as approving FAQs there doesn't seem to be an option to automatically approve the FAQ as soon as it is saved- from a practical sense I would say it's a good thing to have to sanity check the FAQ before it is made live? Especially since you can create them ad-hoc from ticket notes. It means you can set who the audience is for the FAQ before it is live- for instance you will want some of them only to be visible to your Techs or maybe Clients in one location but not another.


          By using Tech Groups & Tech Permissions you can allow your Techs to edit & approve FAQs, so they could then submit & approve their own FAQs as you say.

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              Good morning.  We have version 12.2.0 build #  I don’t see anywhere it lists what hot fixes we have, does the build give you that information?  It was asked if this happens to all techs.  So far only 3 of us have tried it, as we’re trying to figure it out so we can demo it to the rest of the group, but it’s done the same thing for all of us.


              I’ll send you a few screenshots from an example.  We have a FAQ that is approved and not expired.  The words ‘bubble’ and ‘yellow’ are both in the description.  Nothing I’m trying is bringing back any results.  I did click the AND before searching, as you suggested.  Besides these screenshots I searched for:

                          bubble, yellow  (with and without the space after the comma)

                          bubble; yellow (with and without the space after the semi colon)

                          plus all of the above combinations with quotes around each word



              After that I searched just for the word bubble and it still came back empty.  If I click on OR next to the contains field, it does find just the word bubble.  But not any of the combinations of both bubble and yellow

















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