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    Why am I getting "Error setting up report cell during rendering' 'Error A query to SolaWinds Information Service failed'



      Recently I applied Orion Platform 2015.1.2 Hotfix 6 and since that was applied I have been getting the below errors on a Custom Table that was previously working.



      I have a Custom Table setup in some of my views that is using the below DataSource,  basically I am wanting to pull information about a Node that is currently alerting form a High CPU alert.


      I have tried recreating the Custom resource and what I have found is when I am adding the columns the info that I am looking to display come from a different Orion Object than 'Alert Object'. If I use 'Alert Object' it will pull data correctly, but the data I need is located in 'Nodes' object. This seems like it is having trouble joining the two tables though it was previously working. Has anybody run into the same issue or know of a fix to this?




      Module Versions being used.

      Orion Platform 1.2

      NPM 11.5.2

      SAM 6.2.1

      WPM 2.2.0

      IPAM 4.3

      SRM 6.1.11

      NTA 3.11.0