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    Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor woes?


      Hello all,


      I am definitely a newbee here but really like this place.  I am not sure if I am in the right place so I apologize in advance if so.


      I have what I think is a very simple question but just one that I cannot answer myself.  When I try to setup the Bandwidth Monitor, it asks for a Community String and I have no idea what I need to put in that block.  I tried public like someone somewhere suggested but it just tells me that the Credential test failed.




      Thanks everyone.




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          You'll have to configure the device you want to monitor first.  In my case, i'm monitoring the internet facing port on my Cisco 1841 router.  I THINK these are the only commands you need to enter on that particular type of device:


          snmp-server community <putyourreadwritepasswordstringhere> RW

          snmp-server community <putyourreadonlypasswordstringhere> RO

          snmp-server enable traps tty


          You would THEN add <putyourreadwritepasswordstringhere> or <putyourreadonlypasswordstringhere> as your community string in the Bandwidth Monitor.


          It's been a while since i configured mine...believe this is all you need.  It really works like a champ once up and running.


          Good luck