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    Netflow statistics mismatch with throughput on NPM


      Hi everyone,


      I have a Cisco 1921 device registerend in NPM and as well in NTA.


      Interface speed is 100 Mbps, Line speed is 30 Mpbs.


      NPM stats on the WAN interface is showing well as you can see.




      On the other hand, the Netflow stats are up to 300 Mpbs. This is not real. Why isn't it 30 Mbps as in the graph above ?




      Kind Regards,


      Jan Meylaers

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          Since NTA is showing more traffic than NPM I would focus on device configuration.

          First of all make sure that you have setup on device interface to export only ingress or egress traffic. If you are monitoring both of them the traffic would be duplicated as explained here: Double traffic? Correctly only one of them should be used otherwise the traffic will be duplicated. Another problem could be that device is not sending data to NTA periodically each minute. Can you please check that on the device is set "ip flow-cache timeout active 1".


          Hope this will help,