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    Report to Pull Avarage uptime for the year


      I have multiple connections that all ride through a specific vendor. I was wondering if there is a way to pull a report that shows the average availability for the entire year of each site. Right now we are using a report that shows us the site name, vendor, and average availability for each month. Is there any way to take it a step further and have an average for the year?



      What we would like:

      Customer     Circuit Provider:     Average Availability for the year

      Site1               Provider1               100%

      Site2               Proivder1                98.98%


      Example of what we have now:

      Customer:     Circuit provider:          Average Availability:               TimeStamp


      Site1              Provider1                    100.00%                              Jan 2015

      Site1              Provider1                    99.97%                                Feb 2015

      Site1              Provider1                    96.00%                               March 2015

      Site1              Provider1                    100.00%                             April 2015

      Site1              Provider1                    99.99%                              May 2015

      Site2              Provider1                    100.00%                              Jan 2015

      Site2              Provider1                    96.97%                                Feb 2015

      Site2              Provider1                    99.00%                               March 2015

      Site2              Provider1                    100.00%                             April 2015

      Site2              Provider1                    95.99%                              May 2015