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    FTP Voyager Scheduler does not disconnect


      I am using FTP Voyager Scheduler 4 jobs, 2 jobs download files and 2 upload file.  I have 1 job that hangs and does not disconnect.  This causes the rest of the jobs to be queued.  The job hangs whether it is executed manually or on its schedule.  I have recreated the job with no success.  I also changed the keep alive setting in the Site Profile to: Use Global Settings = No, Keep Alive = Disabled, Send After (seconds) = 180.  The connection type is set to FTP over TLS (Explicit) Port: 21.


      I am able to connect to the remote site and see the files there so I know it is connecting with no problem.  In the log for the job is tells me the files have been sent, that it quit and 221 Goodbye.  And yet it is still going.


      What else should I do?