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    WHD: accept emails from outside people but do not create client


      Hi and sorry if this is answered but I have tried searching but I was not able to find anything.


      What I would like to do is be able to have employees or an outside vendor email in and it create a ticket but I would like to avoid it making a bunch of clients that are not needed in the system.  Right now it seems like only people that have clients can email in tickets.


      Any help would be appreciated, if there is anything else I can provide to help show our setup just ask.




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          Hello Don,


          I agree it is annoying that an e-mail send to WHD always creates a new client if he/she is not already in the database. In our case it is not only for vendors, but we have "generic e-mail accounts", for example finance@domain.ie. Almost all departments (over 100x) have generic e-mail accounts which the departmental secretary use.


          So not only the users, students (which obviously are in the database) but generic e-mail accounts, vendors or users with private e-mail accounts will generate new clients in WHD. So for one user (joe.bloggs@domain.ie) we could have three to four different clients:


          1. joe.bloggs@domain.ie
          2. finance @domain.ie
          3. joe.bloggs@gmail.ie
          4. joe.bloggs@outlook.com


          It is possible to restrict WHD to accept incoming e-mails only from specific domains. That would rule out, for example @gmail.com accounts, but for various reasons we can't do this.


          Maybe somebody had a good idea of how to streamline the incoming e-mails.