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    How to integrate Sophos SG Appliance


      Hello dear community


      My name is Simon and I'm from Switzerland. I work as network administrator in a company with about 400 employees. I apoligize for my bad english, I'm working on it.


      I have the following problem:


      We bought Solarwinds NPM and I got the job to install it Its my first time with Solarwinds NPM. A lot seems to work correctly, but some features not. For example:


      We have Sophos SG Appliance and I'd like to collect data from the appliance. When I download the MIB file from the Sophos-GUI and take a look at the file, it seems that the appliance is able to send informations like
      "User logged in", "High Availibility Member lost" and a lot more. I'd like to see this informations in Solarwinds NPM.


      But when i discover the IP-Adress of our Sophos, Solarwinds seems to discover the sophos SG appliance as "Linux - snmp", its technically correct (Sophos works on linux) but I don't see any Sophos-dedicated informations.


      How can I configure Solarwinds NPM to do what i want? It seems that solarwinds does not use the MIB - file Sophos provides, but as I see, its integrated in the Solarwinds Database: Astaro MIB:


      But when i go into the node details in NPM, it shows me: sysObjectID: (Machine-type net-snmp - Linux )


      I Hope everyone may show to me what I have to do.


      Kind regards