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      Hi All,


      I need to use the HTTP POST Request to a web URL for receiving SMS alert if the a node goes down, we have our own SMSC gateway server. I need the solution from the very basic to get this done. your support is hoghly appreciable.

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          Hey imranmasroor!


          If I'm interpreting your needs correctly, the following will help you:



          1. Create a new alert, configure all the tabs as required, but pay close attention to the tab marked 1 in my image, the Trigger Actions.
          2. Under Trigger Actions (behind the pop-up window shown in the image), click 'Add Action' and as indicated as maker 2 in my image, select 'Send a GET or POST Request to a Web Server'.
          3. Finally, click 'Configure Action'. You will be presented with the configuration wizard for the 'Send a GET or POST Request to a Web Server' action, where you can put in your URL.


          Hopefully this will give you what you need. Let me know if you need any further guidance