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    How might one filter out the top few domains from NTA's Top Domains report?


      In the interest of occasionally showing greater granularity in NPM I'd like to filter out the top few domains (which are my company's internal and external domains).  I'm not surprised they are the top destinations, and that they they take up the vast majority of the pie graph.  But I'd prefer to see everything EXCEPT my own corporate domains shown.


      Is there a simple way to enter in one or more domain names into a filter and have them filtered out of the pie chart?


      Or is it better to just increase the number of reported domains (Top 50?) and drill into them below the pie charts?



      In this shot below, the Dark Blue, Light Blue, Brown, and light Tan wedges are my corporate domains.  I've no need to see them, and would prefer to filter them out.  How might I accomplish this?