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    NW Atlas line color change to indicate failure

    bb it

      in NW Atlas, is it possible for a link connecting two devices (node 1, node 2) to go red for example once node 1 cannot reach node 2, this is of curse on top of node 1 bubble showing fully red.

      the reason is we have a big map in NW atlas with many nodes and when a node is down it is difficult to tell the color, however since long line is connecting it to another node it is always possible to see the line and be able to tell.

      something like below which is from another soluton having this feature.


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          There might be a way of adding a supplementary resource to the map, depending on what modules you're licensed for. If you had VNQM (VOIP and Network Quality Manager) you could create a ICMP echo operation between your important sites/nodes, and add this resource to the map alongside your links, giving you a logical view of the actual connectivity between the two.


          DISCLAIMER: I have not got access to an instance of SW which has both NPM and VNQM installed at the moment to test this for you, so I cannot categorically confirm that VNQM resources can be added. However, since VNQM operations are Orion resources, stored in the Orion database, I would expect that they could be added to an Atlas map.