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    Dameware service not installing




      We have a problem  on a W2K8 R2 STD server. The  Dameware Mini Remote  Control service is not installing automatically. All files are copied to the local folder but it  seems that registry entries are missing in

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DameWare Development


      In the logfile "..\All Users\DameWare Development\Logs" we see following error:

      2015-12-29 15:05:54,870 main@1136 INFO  [DWRCS] ************************** DWRCS version is: **************************

      2015-12-29 15:09:03,827 main@2064 INFO  [DWRCS] ************************** DWRCS version is: **************************

      2015-12-29 15:11:14,612  ERROR [RegistryMonitorThread] Exit Registry Monitor Thread. 0

      2015-12-29 15:11:14,612  ERROR [PnrpThread] Exit PNRP Thread. 0

      2015-12-29 15:11:52,449 main@2944 INFO  [DWRCS] ************************** DWRCS version is: **************************

      2015-12-29 15:11:52,496 main@2944 ERROR [Service] LogErrorMsg dwErr=1063: StartServiceCtrlDispatcher failed.


      The Dameware console (trying to install it) shows us an error, asking for a user and a password. After clicking cancel it gives the error "unable to install service. System Error: 5, System Messagae: Access is denied"

      We have checked if the admin has all needed rights and it seems so. We have tried with a local administrator and a domain administrator. It isn't working either way. We could install it on another server with the local administrator (with identical rights), it seems that only this server has an issue.


      Is this a known problem?! Is there a way to solve it? Or is there even a way to install the Dameware "host" manually? We found only an installation programm for the full version.


      Thanks in advance for your help