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    SNMP trap variables doesn't change to correct text


      I'm trying to get SNMP traps working to make some of the alerting go different route than email. However now I'm stuck that I cannot get all of the needed variables working. Basically I would like to set alert on group and whenever node goes down in that group the trap would include details like the name of node which went down, group name, IP of the node. I have managed to get group name working but the node name works weirdly. I'm using SNMP message: Node ${GroupMemberName} from group ${GroupName} is down but now the first variable seems to just take the first node from that group even though another node is down and the first one is doing fine.


      Another problem with the trap variables is that trap includes variables like "${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption}"#011SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.11307.10.3 = STRING: "${Node.IP_Address}"#011SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.11307.10.4 = STRING: "${Node.NodeID}" this text is gotten from the server which receives the traps. Why those variables doesn't change to correct text? Am I missing something?

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          Answering to myself: Using SNMP traps is much easier if you change the trap template a bit like this:


          <Application Name="SolarWinds SNMP Trap Engine" Version="1.0.28" Copyright="Copyright 1995-2003 SolarWinds.Net All rigths reserved." ReleaseDate="October 2003" TimeStamp="16-Sep-04 01:06 PM"></Application>

          <Trap SourceHostname="" SourceIPAddress="" DestinationHostname="" DestinationIPAddress="" CommunityString="" DateTime="12:00:00 AM 12:00 AM">


          <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-MIB" Name="snmpTrapOID.0" Value="" DataType="6" ValueName="SOLARWINDS-TRAPS" HexValue=""></OID>

          <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.1" Value="${AlertMessage}" DataType="4" ValueName="${AlertMessage}" HexValue=""></OID>

          <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.2" Value="${ObjectName}" DataType="4" ValueName="${GroupMemberName}" HexValue=""></OID>

          <OID OID="" MIB="SOLARWINDS-TRAPS" Name="NodeIP" Value="${Node.IP_Address}" DataType="64" ValueName="${Node.IP_Address}" HexValue=""></OID>

          <OID OID="" MIB="SOLARWINDS-TRAPS" Name="NodeID" Value="${Node.NodeID}" DataType="4" ValueName="${Node.NodeID}" HexValue=""></OID>

          <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.5" Value="${ObjectName}" DataType="4" ValueName="${ObjectName}" HexValue=""></OID>

          <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.6" Value="${ObjectType}" DataType="4" ValueName="${ObjectType}" HexValue=""></OID>

          <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.7" Value="${NetObjectID}" DataType="4" ValueName="${NetObjectID}" HexValue=""></OID>

          <OID OID="" MIB="SNMPv2-SMI" Name="enterprises.11307.10.8" Value=" ${N=Alerting;M=Severity}" DataType="4" ValueName=" ${N=Alerting;M=Severity}" HexValue=""></OID>






          Then it is easier to modify this and get the needed variables from different documents. NodeID or NodeIP variables doesn't work when alert is generated for group.

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