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    IPAM not showing any existing Zone records (Windows 2012 R2 DNS)




      We are currently using IPAM 4.0.  I have created a DNS server on Windows 2012 R2 workgroup environment and i want to manage it with IPAM. The server is properly added in IPAM under DNS Server section and it is also detecting existing zones.  But issue is that IPAM 4.0 is not showing any existing Zone records.   If i created any new record through IPAM than it is visible on DNS server.   But i want to see and manage existing records.


      For testing i have also added other dns server which is in AD environment and it is working fine and showing all records. So may be AD joined DNS server is the IPAM requirement ?


      Please help to fix this.



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          We have been troubleshooting this for over a year.


          For us, the answer was simple: We needed to set the DNS server for each subnet in IPAM. Fortunately, you can do this by selecting many subnets at a time: Doing many at a time did not work, but doing it unlocked some secret treasure, and made it work.



          I did not have to assign a zone.


          This is not in the IPAM Administrators Guide, but should be.


          This is for IPAM V4.5.2 and probably earlier - back to 4.3 maybe?