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    Stupid question, but...


      It's a stupid question, but I haven't been able to find any answer to it.  At least not that I could understand.  Actually I think those answers were for setting it up a different way than what I want, but they come up under the same searches.


      I was finally able to get my Mobile Admin up and running today.  I can scroll through the monitored nodes, but how do I get a view of up/down status like I do in SolarWinds Orion Summary?

      Showing each node and then having to drill down is fine, but what I want to see on the phone is the Summary page.  If one of our media converters or switches goes down (which happens frequently), everything behind it goes down, too.  So if I get a call from someone behind one of those switches that can't get out, I'd like to be able to look at it the Summary and know whether there's a problem with the switch and they're all down and I have to run out there, or if it's just one user who may have a different problem entirely.  Should be simple, but apparently either no one else wants to see it, or it's so bafflingly easy to set up that no one has bothered to document it.  Or if it is documented, I haven't found it yet.