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    Orion & SQL on same server (Small deployment)


      Dear all,


      Would appreciate you opinions regarding a very small orion deployment (less than 100 hosts) I do not envision that running SQL server standard and Orion (NPM+NCM+SAM) on the same server should be excessively taxing on the machine.


      Would appreciate some feedback from anyone that has similar deployments.

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          SolarWinds recommends using the same server on the test part, but I say from experience, separate as soon as possible when you are executr back up the base everything will stop because SQL uses the resources of all hardware.
          See the documentation for each module which is suggested hardware for the type of license and add it to tere the configuration of the Orion server.
          For the database server, the biggest requirement is NOT using raid 5.

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            I am preparing a large solarwinds deployment and am running into a hardware shortage.  Orion recommends two servers each with a quad core processor, 14x 146GB 15K hard drives, and 32-64GB RAM.  What I have is one server with 2x quad-core processors, 8x 72GB 15k, and 32GB RAM.  It also has a two port NIC so I was thinking I could run this as the application server as well as the SQL server.


            I also have two smaller servers available that each have one quad core processor, 8x 300GB 10k hard drives, capacity for 32GB of RAM.


            I know that performance is going to be diminished but by how much?  Will either of these two options suffice or do I need to request my organization to purchase new servers that meet the minimum requirements?