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    NPM Unknown Sub-items


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      I've been seeing devices that have a grey icon for the sub item. Theses are items that are no longer programmed in the device (old vpn tunnels for example). How can I clear these?

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          npereira1 you can go to the "Manage Nodes" section, select all of the interfaces you want removed, and then click the delete button.


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            To add to wluther's comment, instead of expanding each node and selecting the interfaces, just change the drop-down box at the top of the Manage Nodes table from "Nodes" to "Interfaces".  In medium to large environments its critical to find efficient ways to do large bulk editing, and manually expanding each node and selecting interfaces that way can become very tedious and very tiresome real quick.




            *NOTE* When you have selected to show "Interfaces" in the drop-down box at the top of Manage Nodes, you can only "Group by" Node properties on the left-hand side.  This can be confusing at first (and quite frustrating and limiting later on).  For example, when you group by "Status", you aren't grouping Interfaces based on their Status (which would be SUPER helpful if you could...), instead you are grouping Interfaces based on their parent Node's status, which is almost completely unhelpful for interface management...



            Oddly, you can sort on Interface properties (but still not Interface Status) by clicking the tiny little set of double arrows at the top right-hand side of the Manage Nodes table and choosing to add new columns from a (very limited) selection of interface properties (mostly interface custom properties and a couple of interface system properties).









            *Pro-tip*:  So, what do you do when you need to get rid of a large amount of Unknown/Down/Shutdown interfaces?  Try this:

            - Create an Interface Custom Property called "Interface_AdminComments" (you only need to do this once, since you can keep using this property for interface administration going forward)

            - Select that property and click "View/Edit Values

            - Group by Status.  You are now grouping by the actual interface status

            - Select the Down/Unknown/Shutdown items on the left, review the results and select the ones you want to remove


                 *Pro-tip 2*: How can you tell which Down/Unknown/Unmanaged/Shutdown interface to delete?  What if some of them are just temporarily down and will be back up later?  There's an easy solution for that as well:

                 - Click an arrow beside any of the column headers and add in a column called "Last Status Change", then sort on that column so that the ones with the oldest date/time are at the top. 


                 - You can set a filter on that column so that interfaces whose status last changed before a certain date are displayed. 


                 - Now you can "Group by" the Status of your choice and you'll be grouping on interfaces where that status change was prior to your filtered date. 

                 - You can now confidently select them all, knowing you are only editing the old ones, and click "Edit Multiple Values" (CAUTION: SET THE PAGE SIZE TO 250 AND ONLY EDIT 250 AT A TIME.  IF THERE ARE MORE THAN 250 MATCHING INTERFACES      AND YOU GET THE RED TEXT OFFERING TO "SELECT ALL" MATCHING INTERFACES, DON'T DO IT.  THERE IS A BUG WHERE EVEN THOUGH THE SELECT ALL COUNT ACCURATELY REFLECTS THE CORRECT MATCHING AMOUNT,      WHEN YOU CLICK "EDIT MULTIPLE VALUES" AFTER CLICKING "SELECT ALL INTERFACES" WITH A FILTER APPLIED, IT ACTUALLY EDITS ALL INTERFACES IN YOUR DATABASE, NOT JUST THE MATCHING ONES.  YOU'VE BEEN      WARNED.).  In the "Interface_AdminComments" box put in something like "DELETE_THIS".  It doesn't matter what you type really, as long as it means something to you.  Just make sure that whatever you decide to type is unique and wouldn't be found in an      Interface Caption in your database when doing a search later in Manage

            - You can also use this custom property to notate interfaces that you may not necessarily want to delete right now, but you do want to keep an eye on them for a while in case they do need to be deleted soon (for example, the interface is currently unknown but the last status change was just a day or two ago.). 

            - Once you have all of your interfaces to be deleted edited with this new custom property, go back into "Manage Nodes"

            - Select Show "Interfaces" in the drop-down box at the top

            - Click the little double arrow at the top-right of the table

            - Scroll to the bottom where the Interface Custom Properties section is and select the new "Interface_AdminComments" property you created earlier and hit "OK". 

            - This will allow you to search for the term "DELETE_THIS" in the Manage Nodes search box and you will receive all of the interfaces you marked for deletion in the results.

            - Now you can simply select all of them and click Delete (Don't worry, the Select All feature works properly here when there are more results than the max page size.  I've only seen that bug in the custom property editor with a filter applied to the table).

            - If you have more than a thousand or two interfaces to delete, then I recommend either nabbing the "Delete Interfaces" powershell script from the Orion SDK GitHub examples page, or just delete interfaces in batches of 250 at a time in the Manage Nodes screen, since selecting thousands of interfaces at once and deleting them in the web console can dramatically slow down your environment for all users until they are all deleted, which can take a very very long time.  Sometimes it locks up too...


            Its a shame you have to go create an Interface Custom Property to be able bulk manage your Interfaces in the Manage Nodes screen (at least you can manage your interfaces here, you can't do anything with Volumes without expanding each node individually...) Its necessary though because you can ONLY group by interface properties in the Manage Nodes screen.  What if I want to edit the custom properties of interfaces on certain Node Machine Types for example?  I have to go back into Manage Nodes to do that...  But, Manage Nodes doesn't have the sophisticated filtering/grouping/searching/sorting abilities that the Custom Property Editor does, so if I only wanted to edit a subset of interfaces on a specific Machine Type it gets really tricky, especially since very few interface properties are available in the Manage Nodes section and almost zero Node properties are available in the Custom Property Editor section when Interfaces are selected...  I desperately wish both the Manage Nodes screen and the Custom Property Editor screen got some love from the Orion development teams.  We should be able to sort, filter, group, search on all related properties in either screen.  The programming is already there in each page independently, so I can't imagine this would take a competent team very long to accomplish.  But I digress).