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    FTP Voyager SFTP incorrectly interprets extended file attributes

    cool hand pat

      The SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) includes the optional functionality for the server to return extended file attributes. See the draft IETF documents https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer-nn (00 - 13) for exact details e.g. draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer-02 - SSH File Transfer Protocol . The File Attributes section.


      The SSH_FILEXFER_ATTR_EXTENDED flag provides a general extension

      mechanism for vendor-specific extensions. If the flag is specified,

      then the ‘extended_count’ field is present. It specifies the number

      of extended_type-extended_data pairs that follow. Each of these

      pairs specifies an extended attribute. For each of the attributes,

      the extended_type field should be a string of the format

      "name@domain", where "domain" is a valid, registered domain name and

      "name" identifies the method. The IETF may later standardize certain

      names that deviate from this format (e.g., that do not contain the

      "@" sign). The interpretation of ‘extended_data’ depends on the

      type. Implementations SHOULD ignore extended data fields that they

      do not understand.


      FTP Voyager is incorrectly interpreting these extended attributes as either files or folders, it then reports an error on the parsing of the SSH_FXP_NAME packet, and is unable to list all the files. For example, with all logging enabled including Raw Listings. A listing of a directory that has four files in it, each with seven extended file attributes, results in just the first file displayed with one of the extended attributes displayed as a folder and then an error that it is unable to parse the listing:


      11:53:16.251]    STATUS>    Listing contents of: /CUSTMBX

      [11:53:16.251]    COMMAND>    SSH_FXP_OPENDIR: path: /CUSTMBX

      [11:53:16.393]        SSH_FXP_HANDLE: handle: /CUSTMBX

      [11:53:16.394]    COMMAND>    SSH_FXP_READDIR: handle: /CUSTMBX

      [11:53:16.564]        SSH_FXP_NAME: received 4 items

      [11:53:16.564]    ERROR>    Unable to parse listing data received from server.  Please contact SolarWinds Technical Support for further assistance.

      [11:53:16.564]    COMMAND>    SSH_FXP_CLOSE: handle: /CUSTMBX

      [11:53:16.586]        SSH_FXP_STATUS: status: SSH_FX_OK; description: The operation completed

      [11:53:16.586]    STATUS>    Listing complete: /CUSTMBX




      Other SFTP clients such as WinSCP, WS_FTP Professional, FileZilla have no issue i.e.




      WS_FTP Professional