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    6.2.0 Update Issues


      Have you guys been having many issues with version 6.2.0?


      Ever since the update my LEM Windows Console, I've constantly had to remove the default widgets on the dashboard (Thwack posts, What's new in 6.2.0, Solarwinds Documentation, etc), rearrange columns in Manage>Nodes view, and change nDepth query view back to the Result Details view.


      Not that any of this is a major functionality issue, but it is a huge annoyance. Any ideas?



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          Just saw the same.  After entering my username/password, was prompted to accept end user license agreement (almost like it was the first time I'd ever logged in).  once in, all default widgets were back, custom widgets were gone (had to recreate).  nDepth console shifted from results view to dashboard view.  gives the impression the appliance somehow reset itself to the first time it has ever seen me log in.  thankfully all my custom filters (in monitor) and saved searches (ndepth) are still there.  Better export those while I'm thinking about it.  recreating widgets is annoying; filters and searches would be painful.

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              They're version specific, but you should also look at setting up the configuration backup.  That captures the user-settings (and other things), and while the customer accessible restore feature is very much a "Nuke and pave" of the LEM config, you'd have all the files and settings for your filters and searches.  Support could then use those files and root access to restore things if your stuff got wiped.


              SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Configuring Backups on LEM Appliance for versions 5.6 and later


              • backupconfig

              Schedule or run this backup to back up all of the settings on your LEM appliance. These settings include all user-defined groups, rules, and users. This backup does not back up any alert or log data.