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    Additional IPs not listed for a node


      Good morning!


      I have been scratching my head for the past few days over a problem I'm having in NPM.  We imported some new nodes (about five routers and several switches) but it didn't behave like we expected.  Some of the routers were created multiple times, with each node having only one of the IPs from the router; others came through just fine (one node that listed all the IP addresses on the node).  I went through and deleted the duplicates, thinking that there would be a way to get the remaining nodes to add the IPs/it would do it automatically, but it didn't and I can't seem to find a way to get them added to the existing node - rediscovering shows the different IPs, and lists them all as one device, but NPM still displays the node with only one IP.  My next step is to delete the remaining nodes completely and then try and rediscover them, but I wanted to check here first before trying that.


      My question is, has anybody else run into this problem/know how to fix it?  And if not, does anybody know how NPM searches for multiple IPs (is there a setting on some of my routers I might need to enable, or something along those lines)?


      Thanks in advance!

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          You only want to add one IP per device. If you want to see all the IP addresses on a device, add the "All IP Addresses" resource.


          In NPM, you really are only monitoring the device and the interfaces; you only need one IP per device for that. For routers and switches: best bet is to use the device's IP and not a IP assigned to a port.