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    OID not working in SolarWinds but works in PRTG


      So recently we got some new SNMP-NV6 cards for our Minuteman UPS and after comparing it to the older SNMP-NET cards they should use the exact same MIB. I added them to SolarWinds and noticed it was grabbing any data for whatever reason.

      After adding them to our other network monitoring system, PRTG, I was baffled when it got these results.






      So when i added my new NV6 cards in the new UPS to PRTG it seemed to work and grabbed logical data from it. and using the OID

      Meaning that OID does indeed work and it can communicate with out network. But look at the following screenshot i took from UNDP on my SW server.





      I used the same exact OID but it doesn't grab me any data. Anyone got an idea what I could be doing wrong? It bugs me when the PRTG admin can do something I can't  do in SolarWinds