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    Web Help Desk - REST API Assistance Needed


      I am attempting to use the rest api do provide a dynamic feed (using power query) of tickets for a centralized reporting Excel spreadsheet.

      I've been partially successful do that with the following query:

      https://whd.url.com/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/ra/Tickets?qualifier=((statustype.statusTypeName %3D 'Open') or (statustype.statusTypeName %3D 'Waiting on Support Personnel') or (statustype.statusTypeName %3D 'Pending User Action') or (statustype.statusTypeName %3D 'Pending Approval') or (statustype.statusTypeName %3D 'Approved') or (statustype.statusTypeName %3D 'In Progress') or (statustype.statusTypeName %3D 'On-Hold'))&limit=100&username=admin&apiKey=xxxxxxxxxx (of course I altered my url, username & key)


      Like I said, this has only been partially successful; what I need is the following attributes for all open tickets (everything except canceled or closed):

      - ticket id

      - ticket subject

      - ticket client

      - ticket assigned tech (if there is one) 


      The assigned tech is the only thing that I don't receive in my query, and I'm not sure how to resolve this.  My reports are Technician centric, so without that critical data this process is useless. 


      Please help!


      Andy E.