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    Can I Force Universal Device Poller (UnDP) To Poll Using SNMP V1?

    Larry Giveans

      I have a device which, using SNMP Walk, will return the values I need but ONLY if I force SNMP V1.  If I leave it at the default V2 I will get as subset of values off the devices but not the ones I need.  Basically SNMP v2 will return 440 hits and V1 will return something like 556 values, including the same one returned with the V2 walk.


      I've tried changing the polling method on the device itself to V1 but it isn't helping, I'm getting OID not supported despite values being returned in the SNMP walk and even applying to the node in question (despite the OID not supported message) doesn't show any data.


      Is there any way to force a UnDP to poll via SNMP Version 1?