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    Mapping ESXi Host > DataStore > LUN


      I'm trying to create a custom report that shows the following relationship between vmware and the storage subsystem:


      Physical ESXi Host > Datastores > LUN


      I have VMAN and SRM but I'm having trouble findling a way to link them together and get the information I'm looking for.,


      I've started to create a custom SQL query and so far it looks like this:


      select A.HostName AS "ESXi Host", C.Name AS "DataStore Name", D.Name AS "LUN NAME" from

      DBO.VIM_Hosts A,

      dbo.VIM_HostDatastoreMapping B,

      dbo.VIM_DataStores C,

      dbo.VIM_Luns D

      WHERE A.HostID = B.HostID AND C.DataStoreID = B.DataStoreID AND C.Local = 0


      That information hoever is only coming from the VIM tables.  Is there any relationship between these tables and the SRM tables in the database?