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    QoE Network Sensor Shows as Unknow

    Kurt H

      We deploy the Network Sensor according to the deployment guide. But once the sensor is deployed it shows as UNKNOWN. No matter what we do, reboot server, uninstall and reinstall, change pollers, etc, it still shows with an UNKNOWN status. Has anyone else run into this problem? Anyone have any solution to this problem?? We put in a ticket, but the tech said to uninstall and reinstall, yet we get the same thing.

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          I resolved this by deleting the the QOE Network Packet Analysis Sensor, the QOE Agent, and the node from from NPM.  I rebooted the server, then rediscovered the node via WMI and redeployed the Network Packet Analysis Sensor.  After the Network Packet Analysis Sensor was installed, I was able to then edit the QoE Packet Analysis Sensor and select the NIC connected to the span port on the server.


          Hope this helps.