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    Client vs. Tech accounts


      I have created my tech accounts and now I am looking to integrate my client accounts with LDAP. When I complete the process I receive the error message "

        The Tech was saved. Warning: Client Scott Noles has already registered this user name. When using user name as the login attribute, the Client will no longer be able to log in, except as a Tech linked to the Client account.



      Can someone explain to me the relationship between clients and techs as well as how to get around this error so I can log into the system with my account? When I remove this link I still can't log in with my credentials to either the client side or the technician side. 

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          If you look at the tech account in setup > techs > techs is there a check mark next to LDAP Authentication?

          If it is not that simple, I did have to clear out the password in the SQL database manually to get it to look for LDAP on one of ours.

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            This is an "outdated" error message. If you are running V11 or newer you can ignore this. In older versions linking a tech to a client account could not really be done basically your account was either a tech or a client. In V11 they implemented the feature to allow you to be both but for whatever reason never removed the warning message.


            As long as you see the person next to the logout icon in the upper right and clicking it logs you in as the correct user you are all set.

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                I am currently on build


                The challenge I have is I can't login as my tech user or my client user after I tried to set it up. So there is something that is blocking me from being able to log in. I am in as the main admin and I can create techs without any issue. I can't seem to log in as my tech account due to the error I posted originally.