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    Backup Config of Checkpoint Gateway


      Hi Thwack community,


      this is my first discussion

      We are having some troubles with "Checkpoint Security Gateway" Devices. Because there is no suitable Device-Template for those devices i used the Generic.Device combined with a Device Variation to backup the Running Configuration.


      Device Details: Check Point Security Gateway using Gaia R77.20 as OS, Kiwi Cattools 3.6.0


      I always try to copy the manual steps i would do via putty/SSH to cattools. Those manual steps would be:

      1. login via ssh
      2. "lock database override" //get prev. rights
      3. "show configuration" //running config gets printed to stdout with paging (-- More --) -> as fas as i know there is no ter len 0/ no paging command
      4. quit or exit


      Somehow cattools is having some problems with those steps :/

      It isn´t getting input from the "show configuration" command which should print to stdout "Did not receive echo of show configuration command".

      I attached you the log-info File and the Device variations so you could get a look into the changes i made.


      Has anyone ever had similar problems (and a solution to it)? Especially with Checkpoint Devices?


      Best regards,