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    High memory util by Orion Agent/plugins?


      We were planning to switch our Windows nodes which are currently monitored via WMI over to the Agent based system, given that the "SolarWinds.Agent.Service.exe" process was only using  about 20-30 MB of RAM and seemed to be pretty low impact on the servers being monitored.


      However, after deploying an agent to one of our DEV servers, we noticed that we also have additional services consuming resources, namely SWJobEngineWorker2x64.exe and SWJobEngineSvc2.exe:


      excessive RAM from agent 1.png

      excessive RAM from agent 2.png


      Opened a support ticket 910796 for this and was told that this is normal/expected behavior, wondering if anyone else has chosen to do an agent deployment and seen this in their environment? I can't consider 400+ MB of RAM consumption to be light weight and this is basically a deal breaker in terms of deploying agents if this is considered "normal".